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Taking Advantage of Opportunities


Over time, as interest owners pass away and their estates are settled, the number of interest owners in a property tends to increase and their percentages of ownership decrease. Concurrently, these new owners may become unfamiliar with the land and agreements which gave rise to their revenue interests. When this happens, you have an increasing number of owners with more and more questions about their royalty checks. Unfortunately, the production volumes for these properties tend to diminish over time as well. Consequently, a purchaser can now be faced with escalating administrative costs per barrel/MCF.

Fortunately, Russell T. Rudy Energy can help. By referring your interest owners with persistent questions to us, we can help them understand their checks and determine if selling their interest makes sense. Simply have them contact us, or alternatively, send us their information and we can follow up.

With over thirty years of experience, and with engineering, legal and accounting expertise on staff, we can facilitate the process for everyone involved.



These are exciting times in the oil patch. Technological innovations, sustained demand and geopolitics have presented us with seemingly limitless opportunities. However, these are in fact limited by the time, expertise and capital at our disposal.

The sheer number of projects and prospects available can thinly spread our time, and that of our staff. Unfortunately it is not just a matter of hiring more people. Fast food workers in Fargo get benefits and signing bonuses. Long waits at half full restaurants due to a lack of waiters are commonplace in Midland. Labor shortages are a fact of life throughout oil country.

The problem is even more acute when trying to find professionals with the expertise to make leveraging contributions. At times it appears that we are all chasing the same, relatively small, pool of talent.

Finally, it often seems that there is never enough capital, especially in the short term, to pursue all the opportunities available.

Fortunately, Russell T. Rudy Energy, LLC, can help alleviate all these constraints. By selling us your non-strategic, marginal or underperforming assets, you can raise capital and free up your time and expertise to pursue more promising ventures.

Further, our assistance need not be limited to your current portfolio of properties. If you are evaluating a bid package which has very appealing components, but others which do not meet your investment criteria, we might be able to help with these as well.

Whether rationalizing your current portfolio, or growing it through acquisitions, we stand ready to help. Please contact us to get the process started. With our in-house engineering and legal staff, we can provide you with a prompt, fair offer and handle all the conveyance documents. We buy oil and gas and mineral interests nationwide and look forward to hearing from you.