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Shale Gas Not a Revolution

In a recent article entitled “Shale Gas is not a Revolution”, Art Berman quickly makes his case before moving on to a number of other natural gas related issues. He provides a brief history of natural gas in the U. S., the challenges facing the industry, and where he sees the market going in the… Read More

Future Gas

For some time now, we have seen natural gas assume an ever larger role among the major oil companies at the expense of oil. Many industry observers have come to expect the importance of gas to steadily increase as it serves as a bridging fuel as the world evolves from the internal combustion engine to… Read More

Upstream Upturn?

“Rigzone” reports that international consulting firm, Wood Mackenzie (WoodMac), predicts a recovery for upstream oil and gas capital projects this year.  So far 15 initiatives, totaling about 8 billion barrels of potential oil equivalent (boe) reserves are moving forward.  Last year only saw 12 projects totaling 8.8 billion boe approved.  Consequently, the industry is on… Read More

The Downside to Upgrading

Even in the best of times, worthy production projects do not get funded. Generally, those projects offering the highest financial returns get funded and the others are deferred, sometimes indefinitely.  However, with the oil price collapse of 2014, oil operators had to become even more selective as to which investments to make.  “Rigzone” reports that… Read More

A Matter of Perspective

Our perspectives, and consequently, our interpretation of events, can vary due to various factors. A recent article in “Rigzone” points out how they are affected by time and economic interest.  The World Petroleum Council sponsors the World Petroleum Congress every three years.  The gathering includes all the stakeholders in energy markets, regardless of political or… Read More