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Ethane Epiphany

Ethane has always been the orphan hydrocarbon for the oil and gas industry. It is too energy intensive for transport in natural gas pipelines to end users.  However, it is too volatile to be safely transported with heavier natural gas liquids (NGLs) to markets either. Ironically it is a valuable feedstock for petrochemical plants which… Read More

Wind Powered Water Injection

“World Oil” reports that the first phase of a study of the feasibility of wind to power water injection wells (WIN WIN) has been successfully completed. The study was a joint effort led by Norwegian consulting and research firm, DNV-GL.  Other partners in the effort were ExxonMobil and the Norwegian subsidiary of the Italian super… Read More

Laser Drilling

In an article in “Oil Voice” entitled “At the Cutting Edge of Laser Technology”, author Ros Davidson discusses the relevance of laser drilling to current oil and gas operations. While the power of lasers is not disputed, its economic viability has always been an issue. Lasers are not really new. Einstein first theorized about them… Read More

VooDoo Economics

For some time now, shale operators have been patting themselves on the back for having brought down the break-even point on new wells to the extent that some domestic plays are among the most economically attractive in the world. Now, in an article in “Oil Voice” entitled “Shale Cost Reductions are 10% Technology and 90%… Read More

Water Solution?

Anything that is too good to be true usually is. Consequently, I read a recent article in “World Oil” with a heavy dose of skepticism.  The article, apparently based on a press release from Fairmount Santrol, extolls the virtues of a new proppant transport technology for use in fracking.  This new product, SSP 350, apparently… Read More