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As if mineral and royalty interest owners didn’t already have enough to worry about with declining oil and gas prices, high ad valorem taxes, delays in royalty payments and bankrupt oil and gas Operators, now comes the Romanian scientist Virgiliu Pop, with his latest scholarly work on who owns the land and minerals on, in and under our heavenly bodies… particularly on the Moon.

Personally, I have enough to worry about with mineral management and royalty ownership, negotiating Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases here in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and each of the other oil and gas producing states. For instance, today a small oil company offered to lease our minerals in which I hold the Executive Lease Rights by offering to send the “standard producer’s 88 Lease If you own minerals, you’ve probably seen a version or two of this lease form. In fact, I have seen about fifty versions of the so called “Standard Producer’s 88” and each is different. If you are going to lease your minerals, pay attention to what you are signing. Don’t let the title of the lease mislead you, as it may have very different substantive changes between the last lease you signed, even if it is with the same broker or company.

If you own a substantial amount of acreage or if you are in a very hot area such as the Barnett Shale play, you might want to consult with a competent Texas Oil and Gas Attorney. With some experience, I find that I can effectively negotiate a fair royalty, bonus payment and term of years for my minerals. Remember, take the time to understand what you are signing, it may affect your property rights and could make a substantial difference in not only how much royalty (money) you receive yourself, but also for your heirs and descendants who follow you.

It was that very process of lease negotiation that sparked an interest in my Grandfather to begin acquiring producing and non-producing minerals, royalty, overriding royalties and working interests over 65 years ago. Following in his footsteps, and in those of my father Ellis Rudy (an icon in the royalty and mineral acquisition business), Russell T. Rudy Energy, LLC, acquires producing and non-producing oil and gas interests from every state in the country, and has been doing so for nearly thirty years. If you are looking to sell your mineral or oil and gas interest, and wish to receive a fair offer in writing made in a reasonable time, please contact me. In the meantime, when you gaze up at the stars you may want to ponder on the confusing inter-stellar legal ramifications of extraterrestrial mineral ownership – or not.

Russell T. Rudy, or my partner John Pepper, at Russell T. Rudy Energy, LLC, 5701 Woodway Dr., Ste. 222, Houston, TX 77057-1505. If you would like to fax copies of your recent check detail please use the following fax number: 731-784-9735. You might also like to visit us on the web for further information, instructions or forms at: oilandgasminerals.com. To speak directly to Russell Rudy dial 713-784-9700 or if your interests are primarily working interests call John Pepper at 713-961-4205.