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What items or information do you need to process my offer?

We will need a copy of the following in order to make you an offer Check Stub attached to your (monthly, quarterly, or annual) revenue check from the oil and gas Purchaser(s). Division Orders from the Oil and Gas Purchaser(s) Transfer Orders Mineral Deeds and/or Assignments under which you obtained your interest Correspondence from the… Read More

April 2, 2009 • FAQ

Why Should I contact Russell T. Rudy Energy, L.L.C. for an offer for my oil and gas interests?

Russell T. Rudy is a third generation oil and gas mineral, royalty and overriding royalty interest buyer. We are not brokers and never buy oil and gas interests for the purpose of repackaging and resale, but rather accumulate interests for our own account. In all of the years that Russell T. Rudy, his father Ellis… Read More

July 31, 2008 • FAQ

How long will it take you to get me an offer?

If you have an interest in only a few properties and you can provide sufficient supporting documentation such as check stubs, Division Orders and/or Pay Statements from the oil/gas Paying Company, we can generally have an offer to you within three (3) days. This is certainly true when you are additionally able to supply a… Read More


What will I be required to do in order to get an offer from you?

Once you provide us with the necessary documentation discussed above, we will be able to prepare the conveyance instruments and transfer documents. After you execute (sign) the conveyance instruments in front of a witness and have your signature(s) notarized, we will ask you to execute a transfer letter which will only need to be witnessed.… Read More


How soon will I receive payment from you?

Once we receive the conveyance instrument(s) and transfer document(s) – and each is properly signed, witnessed and notarized – we will forward payment either by mail, overnight delivery or wire transfer the next business day.